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LeeDrOiD U V3.1.0 - Oreo | Fast | Stable | Sense 9.5 | Shortcutter

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Current Base: HTC Europe 2.33.401.10

November 2017 Security Patches

Android 8.0.0

HTC Sense 9.5

Optional Root with the latest SuperSU thanks to @Chainfire - Optional!

Ability to run un-rooted & retain all customization! - + SafeteyNet Pass!

Option to Root with Magisk! -+ SafeteyNet Pass! (Android Pay and PoGo can be used)

International base with Sprint, US Unlocked & DUGL support!

Massive Locales/Language list

Optional Encryption!

Partially De-odexed

Zip-aligned for improved performance

Partitions trimmed for improved performance

init.d & su.d support

All tamper props reset on boot

Persistent ADB

Disable error reporting & hrdump

Stripped HTC logging & feedback

BusyBox, SQlite3, Bash & Nano shell

Package Signature Checking Disabled

Performance, battery life & memory improvements

HTC U11+ Smart Display

100% working SystemUI Tuner!

Android Logo font pack

LeeDrOiD wallpapers

System clean-up's

Additional HTC Widgets

HTC Gallery & Photo Editor

HTC Music

Custom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support.

An awesome community & outstanding user support!

And so much more!

All MOD's listed in LeeDrOiD Tweaks are hard coded into the ROM


Exchange mail admin hack

Customise your Applications & Widgets

Default Tweaks toggles

LeeDrOiD Tweaks
UI Tweaks

Sense Launcher Landscape Support

Custom sense home shortcut menu

Infinite Apps in Folders

Allow All Rotations

China Sense Recent App Style (Includes a RAM usage monitor & kill-all button)


Right Corner Quick - Quick settings pull down

Traffic Indicator (Up-stream & down-stream data speed)

Traffic Indicator Colour

MIUI Battery MOD

Disable NFC Notification

Disable USB Debugging Notification

Disable Power Saving Notification

Disable Android Sync Notification

Disable MTP Notification

Disable Heads Up Notification

Hide Night Mode Notification

QS Brightness slider toggle

Custom QS Rows & Columns

Signal strength in QS pull-down

force Expand Notifications

Pull down user switcher

Hide StatusBar Clock


Enable Navigation Bar & Disable capacitive keys

Navigation Bar Size

Disable button lights

Re-map recent apps key

Long press volume media controls / flashlight

Long press back button to kill foreground app

Remap short & long press recents - recents/menu/split screen

Double Tap Status Bar to put the device into sleep

Double tap power for Camera


Smoother Auto Brightness

Haptic feedback duration

Haptic feedback 2 duration


Hide Photo Mask for low-res pictures

Show hide VOLTE Icon

4G / LTE Notification Switch

Toggle Fast Dormancy


Security Tweaks

Lock long press power when device locked

Always allow fingerprint unlocking - Allows bypass of pin, pattern & pass after reboot or timeout

Camera Mods

Force 100% Jpeg quality in Camera

Toggle Boot Audio

Toggle HTC/AOSP LockScreen

Default USB Mode (ADB/ADB MTP)

Default app install location


Double Tap FP To Sleep

Double Tap Latency

FP Vibration Strength

Button Lights Notifications

BLN When Charging

Gradient LED Charging

LED Pulse


Fix Permissions

ZipAlign apks

Mount System RW / RO

Trim Partitions

Wipe Cache

Wipe Dalvik-cache


Oreo Radio, DSP & Bluetooth (TWRP Flashable) MD5# 49eb54844cd7cf16f432b970bbaab917



R107 LeeDrOiD U V3.1.0 - January 11th

CleanSlate V7.3.8 - Thanks @tbalden

Cleanslate Kernel installer now used for Kernel installation

Update Magisk V15.2 - Thanks @topjohnwu

Fix removal of foce encryption

Add additional network configs and mapping

Fix init.d script execution

LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.27
- Add in-app billing
- Bug fixes
- Support for newly added tweaks
- Add Options to disable HTC Dialer & Contacts (Network Tab)

New tweak: Hide Night Mode Notification

New Tweak: Hide BoomSound Notification

New Tweak: Hide Wi-Fi Calling Notification

New Tweak: Enable/Disable Lock Screen Albumn Art

New Tweak: Lock Quick Settings when screen locked

New Tweak - Always allow unlock with fingerprint

New Tweak - Hide carrier label
- both working with AOSP & HTC Lock Screens
- first row still available when notifications active

New Tweak: Remap long press Home (When Screen On)
- Assistant, Menu, Split Screen, Screenshot or Flashlight

New Tweak: Show/Hide Carrier Label in Statusbar/Pulldown

Fix media volume control when screen off

Remove Google Contacts & Dialer option from Aroma

Fix removal of sim toolkit and facebook in Aroma

Add Aroma option to remove HTC Doze/Smart Display

Choosing Pixel Launcher no longer removes Sense Home

Include Google Dialer support files in main ROM
- Google Contacts & Dialer can now be installed from the play store

Pixel 2 Google Launcher & Wallpaper Pickers

Shortcutter V4.5.3
- New Oreo adaptive Icons
- Oreo Dynamic shortcuts
- Fix Oreo Shortcut installation
- Fix crash/freeze on data restore
- Fix error when removing QS Tiles
- Remove Reboot Recovery Tile
- Remove Reboot Tile
- Add Reboot Menu Tile (APM)

Do not remove Touchpal automatically when installing GBoard

Update & Patch HTC Camera

Re-add Google Daydream VR Support

System configuration clean-ups

Enable Vodafone DE Wi-Fi Calling flags

Fix AOD options missing on Sprint

Update & Patch HTC Sense Home V9.50.1007494
- Prism Landscape
- Custom Home Menu
- Additional theme colours

All in-built apps updated

Downloads, Live change log's & SVN guide all available at LeeDrOiD.co.uk


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