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softwareWindows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 ISO

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 ISO


The number of groups in the All apps list has been reduced by 29 and 36 for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese respectively

Cortana + search

Cortana will now suggest Activities to resume to

Your profile picture and controls to lock your account, log off or switch to another user are now visible within Cortana

The List and Collections features have been merged into the Collections app

Cortana now supports natural language compatibility for Spotify

Taskbar + Action center

Timeline replaces Task View in the taskbar

Timeline has been added to show activities of apps that support it

Currently open apps are now shown on top of your timeline

Virtual Desktops has been relocated to the top of Timeline

The taskbar now uses an acrylic background

The Clock & Calendar, Volume, My People, Input and Share flyouts now use an acrylic background

When a toast is dismissed while writing content in its interactive fields, the content will now be saved and will stay accessible in the Action center

If a warning or alert is triggered by Windows Update, a new tray icon will appear to inform you of this

You can now drag-and-drop people to rearrange them in My People

People that aren’t pinned to the taskbar can now also cause a pop in My People

My People will now suggest apps to install that support My People

User Interface

WinRT apps can now be put in tabs

Reveal now better supports the light theme

The Network flyout on the lock screen has been updated from its Windows 8.1 look to allign with the Windows 10 version

When the touch keyboard is invoked or dismissed, it will now animate

File Explorer

The cloud state of files and folder in the Navigation Pane will now be shown there

Microsoft Edge

Edge 42

The active tab, address bar, favorites bar and “Find on Page”-bar are no longer acrylic

The title bar has been updated with a more transparent acrylic

The dark theme has been reworked with a darker UI

Buttons and lists in Edge’s UI now use the reveal effect

Icons on the address bar will appear slightly smaller

Favorites in the favorite bar can now be set to not show their label individually

It is no longer possible to hide labels for all favorites at once

The favorites bar can now be hidden by right-clicking on it

Edge now supports Activities

Bookmarks for EPUBs and PDFs can now be edited within the same flyout

Precision Touch Pads will now allow you to pinch-to-zoom or use two-finger panning to interact with websites in the same way a touchscreen would

F12 Tools

EdgeHTML 17

Support for Service Workers is now fully enabled, introducing support for offline web sites and push notifications

CSS backdrop-filter is now available

Subresource integrity is now available

Edge will now fire a Pointer Event with pointerType of “touch” when using Precision Touch Pad gestures


“Enable iterative drawing algorithm” has been added as an option enabled by default

“Enable OpenType variable fonts” is now enabled by default



Detailed information about your display can now be seen in “Advanced display settings” linked on the Display page

“Advanced display settings” shows information about your desktop resolution, active signal resolution, refresh rate, bit depth, color format and color space

“Advanced scaling” has been added under Display and allows you to enable “Fix scaling for apps”

When Windows detects an app that might have become blurry, a toast will be shown requesting to fix this

A top level link to Storage Settings has been added to free up space

“Free up space now” can now clean Windows upgrade log files, System created Windows Error Reporting Files, Windows Defender Antivirus, Thumbnails, Temporary Internet Files, Device driver packages and Delivery Optimization Files in addition to its previously available 4 categories

“Show suggestions occasionally in Timeline” has been added under Multitasking


The font used in the handwriting panel can now be changed between Segoe UI, Segoe Print and Segoe Script

You can no longer enable hardware keyboard suggestions or type a period after tapping the spacebar twice from Typing


Network & Internet

A settings has been added to tell Windows to prefer Cellular data over Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections can now be set to have background data restrictions

Pinning the Data usage page to Start will now result in a Live Tile

The option to create a new HomeGroup has been removed


The number of people you can pin can now be changed from 1 and 10 or all people in the flyout in My People

Suggestions in the My People flyout can now be disabled


Per-app app settings now will show all permissions the app supports

The publisher of the app is now shown in the app detail page

A link to battery usage, lock screen notification settings and default apps has been added to the app settings pages

An app can now be terminated and/or uninstalled from its detail page


Security questions and answers can now be added to local accounts to help with password recovery

Time & language

“Keyboard” has been added as a new page to “Time & Language”

The default keyboard can now be changed independently from the display language

Enabling hardware keyboard suggestions can now be done from the Keyboard settings

The “Choose a language to install” UI has been revamped into a model instead of a full page

Each language entry now shows if it supports display, text-to-speech, speech recognition and/or handwriting

When installing a new language, the user gets the option to add additional usecases (like text-to-speech, etc.) and to set it as the display language

Language resources are now managed by the Microsoft Store, allowing them to be updated on a more regular basis

You can now change the behavior of the Emoji Panel to hade after selecting one emoji


Game Mode settings can now be reset with the “Reset Game Mode Settings”-setting

Ease of Access

The current Narrator settings can now be set to be used for login

The hotkey to send feedback when Narrator is running can now be set to Caps Lock + E

Under Audio, a new “Change other sound settings” link has been added to the classic sound settings



“Documents”, “Pictures” and “Videos” have been added as new pages under Privacy, allowing you to disable access to these 3 areas of your device on a per-app basis

Activity history can now be filter by accounts

Access to Account info, Contacts, Callendar, Call history, Email, Tasks, Messaging, Documents, Pictures and Videos can now be disabled on a system level, stopping anything from requesting these permissions

Win32 apps installed from outside the Microsoft Store are now also affected by the “Let apps use my camera hardware” setting

Windows Camera is no longer hidden from the list of apps that can use your camera

Update & Security

“View installed update history” has been moved to the bottom of the Windows Update page

The description explaining how Windows Update works has been removed

“Options for restarts” has been removed from Windows Update

Windows Update now shows an additional button with more restart options when an update is waiting for a reboot to install

Mixed Reality


The Settings home page has been rearranged into a horizontal grid

The rail now uses an acrylic background

Ink Workspace




Language and input

The Emoji Panel is now supported in 190 locals, with 152 supporting tooltips

The data behind the emoji panel has been revamped further to include more words

Hardware keyboard suggestions now respect your theme color

The on-screen touch keyboard now supports the split layout for all languages except Korean, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified)

The standard touch keyboard layout is now available for Japanese, Korean, Quick and ChangJie for Traditional Chinese

When pausing after using the split gesture in the handwriting panel, the space will now close again

The shift key on the touch keyboard will now stay visually pressed when double tapped to indicate caps lock is engaged

The full touch keyboard now supports keyboard shortcuts that contain 3 keys

The dictation UI has been updated


The Web Media Extensions pack for Edge is now a default app, adding support for OGG Vorbis and Theora

Control Panel

Options to manage HomeGroups have been removed

“Clock, language and region” has been renamed “Clock andd Region”

Settings to change the input methodes and managing languages have been removed


A warning has been added to Paint to alert users that the program will be removed from Windows in favor of Paint 3D and be made available through the Store

Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Defender Application Guard is now available on Windows 10 Pro

The context menu in the system tray now allows you to do a quick scan, update Defender definitions, change the notifications and open Windows Defender Security Center

Other features

Snipping Tool now has an “Edit in Paint 3D” button

The properties-window of an executable file now allows you the change the behavior for overriding the system DPI

WSL processes that set themselves up to run in the background will now keep running after closing the last console window

WSL processes that require elevation and that do not require it can now run at the same time

WSL is now supported over OpenSSH, VPN, Enter-PSSession and/or other Windows remoting tools

Wslpath has been added as a new tool to convert Linux paths to their Windows equivalents

Windows Command line Toolchain with bsdtar and curl are now available in Windows

Unix style sockets (AF_UNIX) are now available on Windows

And further

Introduces a number of new policies to manage Delivery Optimization

Hive data is now stored in the Registry process

Fixed issues

Fixes an issue where dynamic volumes wouldn’t mount properly or be accessible in Windows

fixes an issue where opening and closing the My People flyout would result in notification toasts no longer appearing until reboot

Fixes an issue where Cortana’s notification settings would be missing from Settings

Fixes an issue where Cortana’s speech resources would not be available

Fixes an issue where Cortana would not receive all notifications

Fixes an issue where Windows in Hebrew would show no search results

Fixes an issue that resulted in the Recycle Bin being excluded from search results

Fixes an issue where opening the Action center while a notification toast is shown would result in the Action center animating in from the bottom

Fixes an issue where the default tiles would get stuck on download arrows when installing or resetting your PC without a network connection

Fixes an issue where context menus would show in a narrow width with all text removed if the system was running on low memory

Fixes an issue where files with a period in their name would not be stored with their extension from within the File Picker

Fixes an issue where videos in Edge would stop playing or become unresponsive when altering play speed to 4x or 8x

Fixes an issue where a tooltip would not appear when hovering the mouse over images on some sites in Edge

Fixes an issue where no search suggestions would show when typing in the Edge address bar if the PC was set to a region not included in Cortana

Fixes an issue that resulted in a “Device does not respond” error when using Near Share

Fixes an issue where nearby devices with Near Share enabled would not be shown in Near Share

Fixes an issue where Night light’s transition would result in cursor lag

Fixes an issue where Outlook 2016 would crash

Fixes an issue where the policy to disable the login screen would cause a custom image for the lock screen not to be shown

Fixes an issue where docker would not work

Fixes an issue where the Emoji Panel’s most frequently used page would not update

Fixes an issue where the touch keyboard would be shown in a very small size on large monitors

Fixes an issue where keys on the full touch keyboard would get stuck in a visually pressed state

Fixes an issue where the Chinese (Simplified) Pinyin IME would hang when typing quickly in Cortana

Fixes an issue where VPNs that use custom pop-up windows during connection would fail with a 720 error when attempting to connect

fixes an issue that caused users to have to enable the legacy console to be able to launch any command line application

Known issues

Some Tencent games will bugcheck on 64bit PCs

Deploying an x86 app to a x64 PC remotely will result in a “FileNotFound” deployment failure if the target PC is running build 17040

Edge might fail to receive Push Notification from websites

Launching an immersive 360 degree video in Movies & TV in Windows Mixed Reality will result in a regular window

An “Use OpenSSH (Beta) for remote deployment” is available in Settings but doesn’t work and will break remote deployment when enabled until turned off again

Using any EUDC fonts Edge, Cortana or other apps with a webview won’t work

Touch and pen may not work on non-primary displays

Change log information taken from changewindows.org

Thanks To WZOR


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